Monday, November 12, 2007

Easy Marketing for Etsy Sellers

Last Week, Etsy asked their members and street teams to promote the Buy Handmade initative by adding the logos and buttons to websites and telling all our friends about it. With that done, now they have offered some super easy suggestions for marketing our Etsy shops for the holiday shopping season.

On the Etsy Teams website, you can find the full descriptions for these marketing ideas. This is the Ten Minute Marketing plan for Etsy sellers to do each day this week. Here is the summary:
  • Monday: Add your Etsy shop URL to your email signatures

  • Tuesday: Add an Etsy Mini to your website or blog

  • Wednesday: Spam your friends and coworkers with an email about the buyhandmade pledge, links to etsy, etc.

  • Thursday: Print some of the postcards or other promotional graphics and distribute them to your friends, leave them in the break room, etc.

  • Friday: Tell a stranger about Etsy while you're waiting at the bus stop or buying your morning coffee.