Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009!

Hope this year brings good things to all!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hi Everyone. Busy week. Always so much to do this time of year:)
I've got a bad cold :( I am using the down time to surf the net, and read, and watch youtube:)
Too sick to sleep, seems odd but I lie there and just feel horrible.
I've got a few festive cooking links on my blog today.
Happy Holidays to you all!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hello from Lunenburg, NS

Hello All, Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Anna Shoub and I am a mad hatter living in beautiful Lunenburg, NS. We moved here in July from NY state, by way of Massachusetts, by way of Toronto, by way of Montreal. It gets so complicated after a while. We are here to stay though. I can't think of a more beautiful place on earth. I have a four year old son and a wonderful wood worker husband. When choosing, Lunenburg as a home, I was looking for the small town experience and boy did I get it. If anyone is headed this way, we have a wonderful winter farmers market on Thursdays at the laughing whale cafe. I try to participate from time to time. For more details about the life and times of a hat junkie please visit my Blog. We are moving into a great house this weekend and I will have a lovely studio, so please look me up if you are in town. Happy Hatting. Anna

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Craft Show in February!

The winter craft show i'm organizing in February in Halifax - applications are NOW AVAILABLE! Please e-mail me at: for one! Spaces are limited!

Atlantic Beauties!!!

Some picks from this tallented team!!!
Not sure how to put the picture of this up.....if you want to check it out the link and click the ones you like and leave a comment that would be excellent!!! :)

Nova Scotia Beach Glass

First of all , I would like to say thanks for including me in your team. My name is Lori Stewart. I live on the south shore with my blacklab Willow. We have been collecting beach glass since 2002. I started to make jewelry with it about 3 years ago . I find it relaxing to make something out of things I've picked up along the beach. It's amazing feeling to know that someone in the world buys your piece and loves to wear it. That's Willow doing what she loves best , swimming and that's me at my finest , wearing my southwester , getting ready to hit the beach in a rain storm.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Welcome to Banana Bottoms!

A big APST welcome to our newest member, Banana Bottoms, from Halifax, NS, who makes wonderful cloth diapers and such. Thanks for joining us!

Congratulations to My Handbound Books, Featured Seller!

I"m just so proud. One of our own, and one of my favourite Etsians (whom I got to know a bit through the Canadian Buy and Sell threads), is currently the Featured Seller -- Rhonda of My Handbound Books from Halifax, NS!

Rhonda, we all wish you the very best as Featured Seller, an honour you really deserve. Have a wonderful (and busy) time!

You can read her interview here.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Many new members!

Hello, all!

It's Nina here, dangerousmezzo. I've been completely remiss and have neglected adding new members for months, and I apologize to everyone who has had to wait a ridiculously long time to be added. I'm going to try to catch up and then maybe we can figure out a way to share Team Leader duties (I know a number of you have offered to help out in the past -- thank you!)

Please welcome our new members!

String Me Along is a jewellery maker from Toronto now living in Moncton. She makes really pretty pieces like the Migratory Patterns necklace shown above!

Anna Shoub describes herself as a "hat junkie"! She lives in Lunenburg, NS where she makes amazing pieces like the hat shown above.

Wild Wicked Beads is a maker/designer and teacher of bead work who lives in Halifax, NS with her spoiled cat :) The beaded cuff pictured above is an example of her extraordinary work.

Handknit Hugs is in Quispamsis, NB, where she knits beautiful pieces like the A-Z Baby Initial Sweater above. So cute!

Nova Scotia Beach Glass and Willow Black Lab are run by Lori who lives in Shelburne County, NS, where she walks her black lab, Willow on the beaches collecting raw materials for her work, which includes the Natural Rock Pendant, seen above.

Art of the Moment lives in Rexton, NB where she works in oils, watercolours and fused glass. The fused glass pendant, above, is a sample of her colourful work.

Marshall Arts
is from Newfoundland. She's a handweaver, and the above photo is of her gorgeous hand-woven, hand-dyed, hand-felted Seaweed Scarf.

I encourage you all to welcome our new members to the APST!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Winter Craft Show in February!

February Winter Craft Show

I’m holding a craft show on Saturday February 7th, 2009 to help me fund a volunteer trip to Africa in the spring. If you are interested in getting an application form to have a table at the event, I will be e-mailing out application forms within the next little while. Email me at if you are interested!


-Ashton P

Saturday, November 22, 2008

And even more snow! Wow what a blast we got last night:) More to come but not as bad.

I've started a new blog. Decided to join Blogger.
Alice in Paris loves Art and Tea
It is more visitor friendly than my old site. Anyone can leave a comments without having to sign up.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Does anybody else see this?! It's snowing! Ahhh!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Just posted this in my shop recently, Winter Bunnies
Does anyone else have anything new for the holidays?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coffee was fun. It was nice to put a face to the store:) There was just the two of us but maybe next time there will be more:)
Here is a picture of Cerra's angelic babe.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tomorrow at ten

Hi there, coffee or tea? Come and join us for a chat and meet. The address is in a post below.
Cheers, Shelagh

Monday, October 27, 2008

Winter Craft Show!

I'm dreading winter already!! Let's do something crafty!

I want to put on a craft show in possibly February. What do you think!? I want to have it in a hall somewhere around downtown Halifax on a Saturday. Anyone have any suggestions?! I'd like to have lots of etsy folk there (because you guys are awesome)! Let me know if you are interested in potentially booking a table (comment with your e-mail address) and I'll keep an on-going list. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Coffee anyone?

Thursday October 30th at 10:00am
Local Jo's 2959 Oxford Street,Halifax
So far, Alice in Paris (me) and Cerra are going to meet. Can anyone else join us? It would be lovely to put some faces to names. We can chat about Etsy and brainstorm.
Jo's is a friendly neighborhood coffee place with a kiddies play area.
Hope you can join us:)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hi everyone! Gosh this is a quiet group. I feel lonely doing all the posting. What's up?
Thanksgiving is over and Halloween is upon us. December is zooming closer. I've been painting some winter scenes.
These are chimes at the Black Market shop in Halifax.
I'd love to have a coffee get together sometime during the week of the 27th and meet some of you. Anyone game? Leave a comment:)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Autumn is here! We have such a gorgeous fall here in the Atlantic Provinces. Almost makes up for winter:(
Who's getting ready for holiday sales! Any items you want to show off? Let's have a look see.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hey everyone, it's always so quiet in here! What's new in your shops. Let's see:)) Post something! This is a new print I did recently. Best Friends

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Treasury for Atlantic Provinces Street Team

Thank you to Luv2Have for including us in her lovely treasury!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Luv2Have has put together a lovely Atlantic Street Team treasury! Here is the link to it. I don't know how to do a screen capture. Are you ready for Hanna!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wow, it has been quiet here!
I just got back from a trip to Alberta.
In other news..... it is my one year anniversary of signing up with Etsy!
To celebrate, I'm participating at a giveaway here, PurplePinkandOrange

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Newly listed last week and sold within the week. DM's primitive black cats are now taggers! Painting it all black, highlighting it with brilliant acrylics.

The Maritime humidity continues, but the dawn, my fave time of the day offers such fabulous light opportunities. I am busy gathering ideas and materials and photos for an encaustic workshop I am taking from Lynn Rotin. Should be fantastic!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Here is a new print available in my shop, AliceinParis

Aren't we having a wonderful summer weather wise? These are the days we dream of during those dark winter months. Business in the shops has been slow but that's to be expected. Who want to be spending time on the computer when you can be out and about! Hope you are all well:)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hi everyone,
Is it warm enough for you?

Fashion Magazine is doing a reporter search and having various freelance writers write mini blurbs about interesting fashion items and then are narrowing down the search. They are polling the public by allowing them to vote on which finalist they prefer.

Sue Carter Flynn writes for the Coast and mentioned Love Me, Boutique in her style blurb.

Here are some reasons, Chara from Love Me, Boutique says we should vote for her:)

  • She is an arts & culture advocate
  • She is an independant business & culture advocate
  • She is super sweet
  • She has a very cool personal style
  • And she is a great writer
You can vote for her HERE and you can vote daily.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Paint Mahone Bay!

I'm taking part in Paint Mahone Bay again this year!

Last year I did it and it was so much fun. I ended up selling 8 paintings! It was the largest amount of sales I had ever had especially in one weekend!

If you are around Mahone Bay the weekend of July 12th and 13th be sure to stop by and pick up some beautiful art and well as some goregous landscape!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ha, doesn't this look good.
I call it forbidden treasure! Thought I would post something for the July First holiday weekend.
I can hardly believe it is almost July. It seems like we just barely finished winter and now summer is roaring through.
I have to say that the Etsy secrets coupon site got me quite a few sales. It was worth it, but I did do a two for one which is always a great deal. People tended to buy two and got two free.
Hope everyone is doing well.
Cheers, Shelagh

Friday, June 20, 2008

Purple pearls!

My latest bracelet design incorporates freswater pearls with Swarovski crystals. You've gotta love the bright rainbow of colours that freshwater pearls are available in these days. I was able to snag these gorgeous purple freshwater pearls from one of my favorite suppliers.

It's perfect for the summer since purple is one of the hottest colours this season. See more bold designs in my shop

Friday, June 13, 2008

Vervain Fair

There are still spots available for my show on September 13th. This show is for all local artisans to showcase and sell their work. Spaces range in price from $40 - $125 (most spots are $40-$50) depending on the size and electricity needs. I am working on the promotion of the event now. If you are interested please contact me and submit your exhibitor forms.

Place to promote your shop!

I am always looking for ways to get my work seen. Just like all of us:)
I discovered a blog last week called Etsy Secrets.
It's a place where you can promote your shop with coupons and sales and specials.
I am doing a buy one, get one free promotion there until June 23.
Check it out:)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Front Page News!

My HandboundBooks from Nova Scotia made the front page today! Congrats! What a gorgeous shop!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

KV Christmas in July

I heard from an organizer of this event today and I thought I'd pass along the information in case anyone is interested!

This will be taking place on July 19th (Saturday) at the Quispamsis Civic Center in Quispamsis, NB from 8am - 3pm. Table rental for this event is $40 with an extra $10 if you require an electrical hookup.

Admission is $3 for adults and kids are free. They will have door prize draws and a 50/50 draw as well.

If any of you are interested you can email me and I'll forward along the application. nadiner1 [at

Vive Jewelry is running for the cure!

On Oct 5, 2008, I'm running for the cure. To help with fundraising, I desiged some jewelry that incorporates the pink ribbon. I am also working on more designs so check back again to see more designs. 50% of these sales goes directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation as my fund raising efforts.

Atlantic Etsians, I'd like to offer the opportunity to put 50% of any purchase from my Etsy shop towards my fund raising. This is a great cause that affects everyone.

If you are interested in sponsoring me directly, please visit my CIBC run for the cure web page here Every penny helps and each donation is much appreciated!!

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I set us up a flickr group!

Hope life is great!

I don't know about you, but I sure do love this time of year! The fresh cut lawns, leaves on the trees and flowers blooming again all gives me an invigorating outlook on life and great things to come.

I've been spending a few extra minutes I have had (thanks to spring cleaning and renovations!) on promoting my shop, and drawing up some new ideas I want to have for September for what will be my first show. Also, spent some extra time marketing and promoting AprilsFlowers which has payed off remarkably well!

A couple things I have right now are a few extras I add to my tongs packages, seashell toothpicks tied with a ribbon and a tag with my web address for one. I've received wicked feedback and a few repeat customers because of it!

I was thinking maybe we could pull together some EAPST promotional things together to add to packages we send out. Maybe we can brainstorm some ideas, and anyone who might be interested could add something to it!

Also, check out my blog or my flickr to see pics from our wedding, May 5th in Florida!

Hope its a great week! Only two more days til the weekend!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back at it...

I've been sucking at Etsy these days. I've busy with my thesis, so there hasn't been time for making things. I brought what monkeys I did have to Love, Me and had left my etsy empty and alone. But today I got back at it! Only two little guys went up, but it's a start.

clem: a sock experiment augie the socktopus

Here's a question for everyone: If Etsy is something you do on the side, where/how do you find the time to make things?

I have had other craft projects lately (a quilt and Sock Wars III), but between those and school, I haven't really managed to make much. While I'd love to devote my time to etsy, it's sadly not in the cards right now. I think I might need a personal assistant to help plan my days for me. ;)

Monday, May 26, 2008


Well I finally figured out how to fix things & be able to post again...silly me !

While I had time on my hands the last week or so , waiting on some soaps to cure, I started looking into blogging...well I'm hooked ! I tried to add a link over in the spot on the right for blogs but can't seem to get that sorted, so if anyone could help I'd appreciate it.

Anyway my soap blog is :

and my fur babies blog:: 

Its a place I share moments with my furkids , your welcome to drop by it too and please leave comments on both as I'm beginning to think I'm typing away to myself....


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bake off anyone?

Some fellow Etsians and I have started engaging in bake-offs via the Etsy forums.

Bake off #2 is under way - JeannieKnits tea scones. Each person competing follows her recipe and she judges via pictures on Flickr.

All are welcome to particpate! Details and links are on my blog

Surely Atlantic Canadians could put forth some fine looking scones :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

art craft show

Hi everyone. I am planning an art/craft show for September 13, 2008 at St John the Evangelist Church hall in Lower Sackville Nova Scotia. I am looking for a total of 15 exhibitors, and 4 booked already. The idea behind the show is to create a venue for local artists to show and sell their work with out a large investment. The booth fees range from $40-$125 depending on the size. I'd love to have a diverse a group as possible. Please email me for additional information.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hi everyone, I have a question I'm hoping one of you can answer. I was invited to take a booth at the 18th annual Buskers Festival/Saint Johns Harbour Festival in NB on July 18-20th. I'm wondering if any of you have attended this festival or had a booth at it in recent years? I would love to go but it will probably cost me over $600 to go over for the three days as I am in PEI. The marketing director I have been speaking with says over 20,000 people go through. Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on whether it is worth it or not. Thanks in advance!


Friday, May 16, 2008

Please welcome new members!

Some wonderful new members join APST today.

First up is Bella McBride of New Brunswick. This very talented crocheter says, "Hello and Welcome to Bella McBride Designs where I try to add a touch of whimsy to everyday life. My goal is to use simple crochet techniques, so anybody can follow my patterns, but use colours and layers to achieve that special look. I hope you enjoy looking around and come back any time!" Bella shares her patterns in her Etsy store, as well as finished items, like the felted hat and bag pictured above.

Shawn of Island Sweet joins up from Corner Brook, Newfoundland. "i am a visual artist living and working on the west coast of newfoundland, canada. with over 30 years experience as a painter, i now take my passion for colour and design into many forms of craft including rug hooking, painting on wooden objects, sewing and knitting." That's clear from her delicious knit work, including her six foot long "Pink Petal Scarf", pictured above!

Celtic Crossing is from Nova Scotia (those are her lovely jade wirewrapped earrings, above). She is a jewellery maker and a Reiki master! "I am also a Reiki Master, and so with each piece of jewelry I make it is infused with positive energy before it leaves my hands and is sent onto you!" Welcome to APST, where we welcome all the positive energy we can get :)

And last, but not least is Sonia of VervainDesigns from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The beautiful painting, above, is titled "Cast me gently into morning". As she says in her profile, "Vervain Designs consists of what ever my sister and I are feeling in the mood for. We paint, we sew, we create. Please stop by from time to time to see what we have going on."

Please take a second and welcome these talented Maritimers to our group!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Halifax mini craft show

I'm really serious about maybe doing a trunk show either at a rented spot or in a house or something in Halifax/Dartmouth area. If you are interested in being a part of the show please comment with you name and e-mail address and I will send out an e-mail next week. I'm thinking August would be a great time to do this!

Comment comment comment!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Open House?

Has anyone successfully organized an open house at their own place of residence? I'm thinking that fall would be a great time to try this with the Christmas shopping season starting up. I did one a couple of weeks ago while I was home visiting my parents and made over $600 which was pretty good for me since I don't have any items priced over $10. I had everything set up at my mom's office for a couple of hours and it was pretty busy.

The second question would be are any of you interested in taking part in this sort of thing? Especially if you're in the Saint John area. I'm willing to offer up my condo as a selling location. I was thinking light refreshments and then different areas for each vendor. Of course I only have about 700 square feet but I think it would make a nice, intimate setting.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mudder's Day 2008!

This Sunday - May 11th is Mudder's Day on the Halifax Commons!
11:00am - 10:00pm

If you haven't heard about this event it's a day to come together and celebrate not just Mother Earth but all mother's alike.

There are going to be some really great things going on like live music, workshops, speakers, art, and so much more!

I'm going to go down with some of my art pendants! All are welcome to come down and check it out/or and bring some handmade stuff to sell, a kite to fly, a musical instrument. For more information check out this website: Mudder's Day 2008

Please welcome new member LouLouBell!

Today I'd like to introduce our newest Atlantic Provinces Street Team member, LouLouBell of Nova Scotia. Shop owner Lyndsay makes a wonderful assortment of purses, pouches and ornaments. From her profile: "By day I work at an Ad Agency and am the Executive Assistant to some very busy people. Life is busy. So to slow down, I like to spend my time creating artwork and sewing up creations from my home studio. My dream is to run my very own shop someday!"

Welcome to the Team!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wedding earrings

Okay, okay, I've succumbed to wedding fever. No, I'm not getting married, myself (David and I are pretty happily unmarried, all things considered) -- but I'm making wedding jewellery.

Or at least, jewellery which could be seen as being bridal in colour and styling :)

I generally like pretty strong colours, so when I decided to make some bridal pretties, I realized that I had hardly any clear or white beads. That prompted a trip to my very favourite bead store, which is conveniently located in Bridgewater, just 12 km away from my home on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Liz at Java Bead is always really helpful, and she pointed me towards some very cool round aurora borealis beads that are, get this, MATTE. Modern and blingy at the same time -- I was in heaven. I combined them with some pretty "milk glass" flowers I bought from an Etsy seller, and the result is sweet without being syrupy.

Maybe I could get into this whole wedding thing! Oh, David ... !

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome to Blacksheep Bodyworks and Lunatic Laine

We have two new members to welcome today -- first is Yvonne from Westville, NS, who runs Blacksheep Bodyworks. From her shop announcement: "We've been making soap for the last 12 years now and over that time have seen many soapers come and go. We're still here because we care about our customers, our product and have done the research needed to find only the best quality ingredients." The soaps look yummy -- above is her Mermaids Delight!

Second is Lunatic Laine, run by Mary and her daughter Hannah in Rothesay, NB. They create funky, upcycled toys with a distinctly modern edge. (See the PMS Warning Doll, above!) From their profile: "I wool hunt and then kindly dismantle and reconfigure. I don't use patterns. Each piece has personality and declares its design. My daughter Hannah, helps too. She sees bunnies in the air and has a fondness for platypuses. They calm teenage angst, she says and don't hog the bed. Together, with our twenty skinny fingers we create toys we hope people like."

Please join me in welcoming these great members to APST!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pop over to
you might win one of two $40.00 gift certificates to my shops:)
The draw runs for four days until Friday, May 2nd.

It is a great way to promote your shop. The only drawback is that you have to be able to giveaway $80. worth of merchandise and that is hard for those who just sell small items. For me it translates into 4 prints. Two certificates for 2 prints. The bonus is that you get TONS of traffic and publicity for your shop. In order to be eligible for a prize, a person has to visit your shop and then write down their fave item. It has just been up since this morning and already there are 140+ entries.
It will be interesting to see how it goes. One thing that has been fascinating to me is to see which prints are the most popular. Anyway pop over and have a look and enter if you would like:)
the info about participating as a sponsor is on the left hand side.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hi everyone! If any of you are free this Thursday evening between 5-7, I would love to meet you at Love,me Boutique for a glass of wine and some nibbles. ( next to Woozles on Birmingham St) I am having a small reception to celebrate the first display of my photography. It has been there for a while but I have had a very crazy few weeks and have been unable to do it until now:)
Cheers, Shelagh

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!
I was recently added to the Etsy Atlantic Provinces Street team and wanted to introduce myself to you all. My name is Leah and I live in tiny PEI with my husband, 3-1/2 year old son, and crazy cat. I love glass fusing! I joined Etsy in February and it is so much fun! I had no idea there was so many shops from the Atlantic provinces on Etsy! I am really looking forward to being part of this group - thanks for having me!


Halifax Crafters Show this weekend

Hey Everyone - check out the info at this blog

for a craft show this weekend.

I recognise at least one Etsian (Binary Soul) on the list of particiapnats. I had never even heard of this group (which isn't saying much considering my hermit like tendencies) but will defintiely be checking out the show!

Monday, April 21, 2008


I just discovered this wonderful site
with loads of info for those into the handmade life: forums, give aways, advice etc.

And the best part?
The .ca :)


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Welcome Linopalooza!

Today I'm so pleased to welcome John, the owner of Etsy shop Linopalooza (user name nf2000) to the APST! He creates linoleum prints (see the very cool portrait of Jack Kerouac, above). John is our very first Newfoundland member, and we're thrilled to have this talented artist as part of our group.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

APST Treasury!

I snagged us a treasury, guys, and you can find it here: