Friday, January 11, 2008

A time to reflect, a time to move ahead

Well, 2008 is here. Its a new year, with new resolutions and new goals. What are yours this year?

My personal resolutions include all of the cliches... lose weight, get in shape, quit smoking, but the most important to me was striving to be happier and more positive in everything I do. And so far, its helped in so many ways.
So, as a shop owner, what are you goals for 2008? As a team do we have any plans? Lets brainstorm ways to market our shop, advertise our street team and make the Atlantic Provinces Street Team known on Etsy and the web as a whole!
Happy New Year and enjoy your weekend.


PS--this Purple Wall picture from BroomhillPictures is so beautiful, I couldn't resist posting it here. It gives hope for spring.

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Shelagh said...

Thanks for putting up my picture:) I love the colours in this. It was taken in Mahone Bay. Ah summer....
I am still making plans for 2008, lots of thoughts percolating in my head.