Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Not exactly Etsy, but still a sales opportunity

I'm organizing a craft boutique as part of the 2nd Annual Atlantic Waves Conference (our website needs work). Atlantic Waves is a conference to connect Atlantic Canadians working toward women’s equality. The conference is scheduled for March 7-9 at Saint Mary's University in Halifax. The boutique is run during the conference and last year featured local crafters/artisans interested in selling their products to conference goers. I think that the handmade, locally produced, items sold on Etsy would fit in well with the boutique and the conference.

The boutique is not limited to craft - last year we also had interest groups, such as the Midwifery Coalition of Nova Scotia and the Ecology Action Centre, present at the event.

I went last year to sell sock monkeys and sold out of the few that I had with me.

If you're interested in participating in the boutique, or would like more information on the conference (registration is ongoing and we are currently accepting proposals for presentations and workshops), please feel free to contact me - either through a comment here or at crafty [at] hellopineapples [dot] com. The cost to participate is a suggested donation of $10 for a table (we're a non-profit group on a budget, but part of our mandate is to include as many people as possible, which is why we are only asking for a donation).

(I'm having some troubles with blogger, so if I accidentally post this more than once - I apologize and will delete extra posts ASAP).


aliceinparis said...

Thanks. That sounds really interesting. I think I have a commitment on the 9th but might be able to do 7,8.I will look into it.

aliceinparis said...
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AprilDawn said...

Wishing I could do this! Next year for sure!

Anonymous said...

woudl you have to be ther for the entire conference period or is the boutique just one day? I might be interested.... :)
what the policy on cards that contain words such as douche and suck?

Anonymous said...

(wow that last part of my comment sounded way rougher than I think the cards actually are!)

Ashton's Art said...

I'm really excited about this - i sent you and e-mail !