Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Etsy goodness :)

Alright everyone! After posting my question about crafty shows locally it sounds like some of your may be interested in doing a local show all together. I'd love to try and get this off the ground. I'm thinking Halifax would be the best place to kick one off. Anyone have any suggestions of places that we would be able to set up during a Saturday morning. If you are interested please comment and we'll compile a list of people! I think aiming for May or early June would be best :)

Now comment comment comment!~


Tribal Designs said...

How about the North Street Church?

Ashton's Art said...

wow that's a good idea tribal!

hello pineapples said...

I'd definitely be interested.

Depending on numbers, the Khyber can be a good spot.

Anonymous said...

I checked the Khyber already and they are not interested. I also sent an email to St Matthews on Barrington last weekend but have not heard back. Another option is the spaces at Alderny landing; however, there is probably a fee to use that space so we'd have to pay booth fees to sell. I am interested in helping out for this.


Tara Andrews