Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome to Blacksheep Bodyworks and Lunatic Laine

We have two new members to welcome today -- first is Yvonne from Westville, NS, who runs Blacksheep Bodyworks. From her shop announcement: "We've been making soap for the last 12 years now and over that time have seen many soapers come and go. We're still here because we care about our customers, our product and have done the research needed to find only the best quality ingredients." The soaps look yummy -- above is her Mermaids Delight!

Second is Lunatic Laine, run by Mary and her daughter Hannah in Rothesay, NB. They create funky, upcycled toys with a distinctly modern edge. (See the PMS Warning Doll, above!) From their profile: "I wool hunt and then kindly dismantle and reconfigure. I don't use patterns. Each piece has personality and declares its design. My daughter Hannah, helps too. She sees bunnies in the air and has a fondness for platypuses. They calm teenage angst, she says and don't hog the bed. Together, with our twenty skinny fingers we create toys we hope people like."

Please join me in welcoming these great members to APST!


Blacksheep said...

Thanks for the welcome! I see one or two familiar people here. I hope to get to know you all & enjoy sharing stories & ideas.
I am also an avid dog lover currently owned by five of them. I show my Chinese Cresteds and an involved in rescue, I've fostered the 'underdogs'...the abused & broken that tear at my heart. One is still here 10 yrs later...LOL

Anyway glad to be a part of the team.


aliceinparis said...

Welcome to the team!! It will be fun getting to know you guys. Lots of friendly folk here:)

muzzy girl said...

Hello all,
Thanks for the prompt and friendly insert. I live in an old church in Renforth, (the hillbilly section of Rothesay) along with my husband, two teenagers, a scottish terrier, an old english sheepdog/springer spaniel mix and a giant Maine coon cat - two of the beasts have crooked tails, the other a dodgy smell. I'm thinking I should save all their hair and glue it to the outside of the house for insulation and camouflage. A fur church/house would be rare and unique and highly sought after. Looking forward to exploring your sites.

muzzy girl said...
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The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Welcome, guys! Great to have you with us.