Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back at it...

I've been sucking at Etsy these days. I've busy with my thesis, so there hasn't been time for making things. I brought what monkeys I did have to Love, Me and had left my etsy empty and alone. But today I got back at it! Only two little guys went up, but it's a start.

clem: a sock experiment augie the socktopus

Here's a question for everyone: If Etsy is something you do on the side, where/how do you find the time to make things?

I have had other craft projects lately (a quilt and Sock Wars III), but between those and school, I haven't really managed to make much. While I'd love to devote my time to etsy, it's sadly not in the cards right now. I think I might need a personal assistant to help plan my days for me. ;)

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AprilDawn said...

Welcome back!

I go through spurts where I have extra time and then I promote, list etc.

When I feel overwhelmed with life, its not always easy to fit in etsy time and then I have to set things aside.

I find crafting relaxing, so I try to fit it in when i can :)

Good luck with the thesis and everything you have going on!