Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bake off anyone?

Some fellow Etsians and I have started engaging in bake-offs via the Etsy forums.

Bake off #2 is under way - JeannieKnits tea scones. Each person competing follows her recipe and she judges via pictures on Flickr.

All are welcome to particpate! Details and links are on my blog


Surely Atlantic Canadians could put forth some fine looking scones :)


The Disgruntled One said...
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The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Mmm, bake off!

Blacksheep said...


Nadine said...

That is a nice looking bread! It's bad that I don't even have the basics to make scones isn't it? I'm not much of a baker (or a cook really).

Anonymous said...

But that's the beauty of the bake off - to try a little something new. Before the bread bake off, every loaf I made ended up the same hard heavy tube of dough. Thanks to DL's recipe, I learned a bit about bread making. The bake off started becuase I had heard the DL (DesireLines) was a good baker and asked him for help with my doughy lumps of nothing - his recipe was really the 'for dummmies" version, even telling me what the dough shoudl feel like at each stage etc. It was perfect!

I wholly endorse your trying out the sscone making...scones are easy, the trick is cold cold butter that you do not handle with your warm hands. (not much anyway)

sherrieg said...

What a great idea!