Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wedding earrings

Okay, okay, I've succumbed to wedding fever. No, I'm not getting married, myself (David and I are pretty happily unmarried, all things considered) -- but I'm making wedding jewellery.

Or at least, jewellery which could be seen as being bridal in colour and styling :)

I generally like pretty strong colours, so when I decided to make some bridal pretties, I realized that I had hardly any clear or white beads. That prompted a trip to my very favourite bead store, which is conveniently located in Bridgewater, just 12 km away from my home on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Liz at Java Bead is always really helpful, and she pointed me towards some very cool round aurora borealis beads that are, get this, MATTE. Modern and blingy at the same time -- I was in heaven. I combined them with some pretty "milk glass" flowers I bought from an Etsy seller, and the result is sweet without being syrupy.

Maybe I could get into this whole wedding thing! Oh, David ... !

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aliceinparis said...

Those are really lovely! I adore those "matte" beads.