Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hi everyone! Gosh this is a quiet group. I feel lonely doing all the posting. What's up?
Thanksgiving is over and Halloween is upon us. December is zooming closer. I've been painting some winter scenes.
These are chimes at the Black Market shop in Halifax.
I'd love to have a coffee get together sometime during the week of the 27th and meet some of you. Anyone game? Leave a comment:)


Ashton's Art said...

i LOVE the black market - those chimes are awesome. What time of day were you looking to go for coffee?

Cerra said...

I'll potentially be up for coffee with the baby, depends on time of day and location, though :)

Clean & Bright Soaps and Candles said...

I'd love to meet up! I injured my knee in the spring and find it very difficult to get around, but I'll try to get together...

as long as I can be back home by 2:20 when my daughter gets home from school.

Cerra, you had your baby! Congratulations :)

Oh, and I didn't realize that any of us could submit a post. where can I get the password?

aliceinparis said...

Hi Everyone,
I am very flexible with times I can meet, I was thinking about 10am maybe next Thursday? There's a really cute little place at 2959 Oxford Street called Local Jo's,
I like it because it is a neighborhood kind of small business.
How does the time/day suit?

To get your password, you have to approach Dangerous Mezzo, she's the head honchess!(Hi!)

Congrats on the new baby!

Cerra said...

10am next Thursday is perfect and that shop is only about 20 minutes walking from me, so yay! If I'm late, it's cause Clive decided he needed to eat or something ;)

Cerra said...

Oh and thanks for the congrats!