Saturday, August 29, 2009

Please help me out:)

Hi everybody! This is such a quiet group. When I look down through the entries it is like the aliceinparis show! How can we liven this up? Also, AshtonsArt won a wee grant for us, we should take advantage of it. A get together of some sort would be nice. A sale, brainstorming, tea, party, meeting or all of the above at one time:)

I am posting today because I have entered a contest! The I love Nova Scotia contest. I submitted a 2 minute video, RAP DITTY NOVA SCOTIA , and it needs votes:) Scroll down to find it and if you like it, vote:) You can vote daily and you can vote more than once! They say on their facebook page...refresh your browswer and vote again as manytimes as you like. See if you can spot me in it:) Please feel free to pass the link on:) I have an uphill battle. the leader has 31,000+votes and next is 21,000 everyone else is far behind. I personally think there was automated voting going on to get my votes the honest way. By BEGGING!

Thanks again and here's to a busy Etsy this fall for all of us


Ashton's Art said...

i voted! good luck! and seriously.. let's spend the money! it's just sitting in my paypal account

ArtoftheMoment said...

I voted to! :) Nicely done!

Clean & Bright Soaps and Candles said...

I'd love to have a get together and discuss how to best use the grant money.

I've contacted Nina a couple of times in the past to get authorized to post to the blog, but I never heard back from her :(


April Horsman said...

I've been trying to get signed up with my new email so I can post on here again. I've emailed twice, is anyone able to do this for me? I'd really like to contribute again (AprilsFlowers) but cannot seem to get a response. I'd be willing to run the blog if it meant it would be used and promoted.

April Horsman said...

Also, curious where the money went?