Friday, December 4, 2009

Hello from the hat junkie

So glad to see some action on this blog. There is so much potential here. I have lately been thinking how the best promotion is local promotion. Everyone loves to know what's going on in their neighbourhood. I wonder if for starters all the members of this team could be notified by e-mail that there's some action here. I think most people stopped even looking,. My other thought for helping each other out is maybe doing an exchange feature where at least once a month we feature something from one of the team member's shops on our own personal blogs. So many great artists here in the Atlantic Provinces. Looking forward to discovering their work.


aliceinparis said...

Hiya, Love your hats!!!
Great ideas. Yes trying to get in touch with everybody is a great idea.
Difficult task I think.

AH said...

Sounds good, yeah I agree if some how everyone got an e-mail or something to let them know there is activity here :) I'm going try do some featuring on my blog to :) YOu all have great shops!